Orchestrator for Azure : configuration


In a previous post, I explained how to install the Orchestrator Integration Pack for Windows Azure. https://hubertmichel.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/system-center-orchestrator/

Let’s have a look how to configure it.

Firstly, click on the Options Menu / Windows Azure, a dialog box appears:


You have three parameters to fill in : PFX file, PFX Password and your subscription Id. Unfortunately, we don’t have the option to verify if the parameters are correct.

Therefore, we’ll create a simple runbook to verify the connection with your Azure account. In the Runbook Designer, put “Azure Cloud Services” activity, then double-click to configure it:


In the configuration, select your Azure configuration, and select “List Cloud Service” to retrieve your deployed services. It’s a good smoke test!

Now, launch the “Runbook Tester“. If your configuration is not correct, the test will fail:


If you click on “Show Details”, you have the error message: in my example : “Could not open the specified PFX file “….pfx”. Check password…

After modifying the configuration, the Runbook execution is ok. On “Show Details“, you have some properties, if you click on “Status”, you can read the output of the command:



Finally, I get deployed cloud service. Configuration is Ok!

Next step, implement a runbook to deploy an Azure package….




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